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4th Dec, 2009


A Week Without Sleep

Well, not quite an entire week - but this week has been one of the busiest Ive had with regards to work.

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2nd Dec, 2009

Dear God its all going wrong!

Remakes are rarely as good as the original

I just found out today, that one of my favourite songs growing up has been redone recently.
Stan Bush performed "The Touch" for the original animated Transformers movie - and I loved it. As well as being a really awesome song, I've always found it inspiring, uplifting, and bonus points that it's in my vocal range.
So, today I get told that the new Transformers film (Revenge of the Fallen) has Stan Bush on the soundtrack, with a remade version of "The Touch" as Sam's theme. Like an excited kid, I plowed straight onto Youtube to look it up.

Never have I been more disappointed than I am right now with a music artist.
The first 38 seconds or so were good. The song starts off a lot more sombre and melodramatic than the previous version - but you know...modern times, fitting the film / scene / whatever, I could go with that.
Then the rap started....
Then when the rap was finished Stan Bush came in with the bit that's supposed to be iconic and recognisable in the song.... And changed it. Not in a good way, but so it's barely in his vocal range and sounds really really shit!
There was such potential for it to be brilliant - but its gone and buried itself before the first chorus finished.

My friend Iain asked if it had ruined the song for me. Well, no it hasn't as I still love the original - but now I think the artist is a retard rather than a genius.


Well, it's definitely here. We had one of the warmest Novembers on record, but now we've touched December it's like the weather is catching up with us...namely with freezing rain.
I've always been an advocate of the weather, and as I was leaving my flat first thing this morning I was thinking about how much I do love the rain....then I got about 5 meters down the road and thought:
"Even though I love Chocolate, sometimes I can have too much Chocolate".
This morning was quite dreary, very cold and wet - but only in the SouthEast of London! Bizzare!
Anyway, I'm in work now, and my trousers are drying out - there's a coffee on my desk so life is looking pretty good :D
To Battle!

Necromancy in the making

Well, it's that time of year where I start trying to update my journal again, and muse about the ongoing saga we call life.
Things have been far too hectic this last year and a half, especially at work - but thankfully that is all changing now. I have a new competent minion to help shoulder some of the workload, and I'm really looking forward to hitting Christmas and the new year.

It's great to be back!

Bonus photo of meeeeeeee!

13th Mar, 2009


Because it's all the rage

Poll #1364827 Ooooh Ooooh

Tell me something! Anything! Bonus points if its a secret!


24th Oct, 2008

Milk Tray

Anonymous Comments abound!

Well, Most of my posts are locked these days - but it doesnt give people much of a chance to talk to me if I'm talking to them and they don't have a livejournal.

So, here we go! An open post in the middle of nowhere. Anonymous comments are enabled, yadda yadda yadda.

26th Oct, 2006


Frantic Frantic Frantic!

So much to do before I go on holiday, and I'm rushing to get it all done.
I can't wait till 5:30... I'll be heading home and trying out my ideas for the Halloween costume...after that, I have to pack, and then get as much of this work done as I can before tomorrow.

I think I'll be sleeping very very well on Friday night. hehe.

Oh yeah. I'm on holiday from tomorrow night, and I'll be back in london *late* on the 6th, so... have a good time folks and ill see you when I get back.

25th Oct, 2006



I think I'm in a really good mood.
I received the account from Thames Water, as I expected.... but surprisingly no new bill for the property I moved into.
So, just now I was there ringing up to ask if there was a problem when the lady told me that there is no active account for my property and it looks like the building is covered by a joint account (Which means its included in my rent!)
My old bill was £215 for the year (18 / month)... which may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up! Hell, that's half of what my new mobile phone bill will be.
All I need now is for lewisham council to come back and say I dont have to pay council tax and I'll be convinced I'm in a dreamworld ;-)

I'm going to speak to Tony the caretaker later on and confirm this is the case, but if so - wohoo my place is better value than I thought.
Once I get my new phone - new bank account, etc etc... I really need to work out my finances and how much money I have coming in / going out. So much is changing its hard to keep track of it all!

I've spoken to Tony, and he says that quarterly they will just come round with a bill. I'm going to hold onto my previous bill so I can demonstrate what I *was* paying in case its stupidly huge...but hopefully it'll be alright.

So, not quite as amazing as I thought.... but hey - it was nice to think so!
Evil Genius

Standing Room Only

As I'm living in london, and with my travelcard have easy access out and about, Greg has pointed me at http://www.sroaudiences.com/.
Standing Room Only Audiences - the company that deals with live TV show audiences.

I've signed up for their mailing list so I'll be able to see if anything cool is coming up that I want to see if I can get in to watch.
Tickets are free, which is a bonus - and as I have free access to Zone 3, all ill need to do is just keep my fingers crossed when i apply for something :-)

It has a lot of potential.

Happy Post

And now for a happy post, to bring things up a little. Tony, the caretaker for the building I'm in, has offered to find me furniture for the flat. I've given him a short list of things that would be good if he can get them...
Double bed
Chest of Drawers
Coffee Tables
Bedside Cabinet

Lets see what bits and bobs he can pick up for me. =)
Its really great because I was told the place was rented unfurnished, and now I've spoken to the actual letting agents who are managing it and they've told me that furniture can be supplied for no extra cost :)

So, yay for random surprises! That should save me a bit of money, and if I get better furniture myself at a later time - then I can always return their furniture to them and put it back in the lockup.

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