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Frantic Frantic Frantic!

So much to do before I go on holiday, and I'm rushing to get it all done.
I can't wait till 5:30... I'll be heading home and trying out my ideas for the Halloween costume...after that, I have to pack, and then get as much of this work done as I can before tomorrow.

I think I'll be sleeping very very well on Friday night. hehe.

Oh yeah. I'm on holiday from tomorrow night, and I'll be back in london *late* on the 6th, so... have a good time folks and ill see you when I get back.




Hey mate.

Don't know if you will read in time before you head back to London. If you are down B'mth way and fancy to catch up for an hour, I'm that way myself for a couple of weeks.

Well, in case we don't... take care of yourself.


Re: Holiday

And DAMN I have no idea who wrote this. Whoever you are - Make yourself known!!!!!


Please do not make comments on my LJ unless you are prepared to face a litte flak. When someone does leave a comment, i expect them to trust me enough to let me know who they really are. i can't say if i like you now or not, but those who pretend they want to be friends are not required. Oh, and i don't like people watchers, either. That's just creepy.

Re: Comments

I hope you understand my reasons for commenting anonymously, but I shall try to explain. This entry is sufficiently far back that it should be safe to leave here.
You are important to someone who is important to me, that is why I started reading your journal. More than that you are quite interesting in yourself - which was the reason I commented. I didn't comment under my account because James is very adamant that I shouldnt have any form of contact with Jade. While that doesn't preclude me from talking to you - I don't want him to get any ideas that we're in collusion and thus stop *you* speaking to Jade too.
Does that make sense? If not I'll try to explain further. I haven't lied about who I am at all. My name is Al, my friends call me Xander as it is my name - another reason I offered that option to you, but for obvious reasons I didn't want to go blurting in a public journal entry "Hi mate - I'm Jade's Ex" when James is keeping watch on everything she does. I don't make the effort to talk with people if I don't have an interest in them - and likewise I wasn't pretending to want to be friends.

That all said, I will understand if you wish me to keep away, but I do think I'll be able to offer the occasional bit of advice or alternative perspective on things you say.

December 2009

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