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A Week Without Sleep

Well, not quite an entire week - but this week has been one of the busiest Ive had with regards to work.

We've been having a new telephone system installed by our local friendly telecom's provider, which is really fancy and stuff - but unfortunately the sales team of the local telecoms provider havent spoken to the engineers throughout the process. In addition to a number of other problems along the way, this culminated in a huge meeting at the office yesterday with some very high up people from the company.

Anyway, Monday I was in the office late, doing cabling work so that we would have all the telephone sockets needed. Tuesday morning I was in the office early to test the sockets before people arrived so that the engineers would be able to just jump straight into work. They were delayed until Wednesday, when I was working late with Iain (our network engineer) to finish up the last parts of the cabling needed to connect up the last phones neatly. The Phone changeover is due Friday so we get everything finished off on the Wednesday night and I think to myself "It doesnt matter if it's a bit late - I can catch up on sleep tomorrow".
Thursday comes around and the big meeting happens while I'm out at lunch. I get back from lunch and get told that the two systems that were originally supposed to be distinct now need to be integrated. This means we need more kit, and it needs to be installed and setup by 9am Friday morning for when the BT engineers arrive. AAAAAAGH!

So I find somewhere that can same-day-deliver the kit and I phone Iain to get him to come in. We finish at about 2am, and this morning I was back in the office by 9.
Cor blimey I'm tired! But we're nearly all done. There are a few more tweaks to do, but all the time-sensitive stuff has been taken care of (that I know of).



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December 2009

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