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25th Oct, 2006


Angry at myself.

Yeah, and as if that wasn't bad enough I've gone and lost the scarf that I got for Christmas last year.
I really really liked that scarf as it was just perfect for me. A warm thing to keep the cold of the world out, and I was using it to keep my neck warm while I've been ill.

I think someone nicked it while I was playing pool the other day, and I'm really annoyed at myself for not paying closer attention to it. :(
I know its only a scarf.... but... yeah. It was important.

stupid Stupid STUPID Experian.

Ok... Get ready for a shock people.....

you heard....

After applying for a new phone with Orange (ok, they screwed that up a bit... but that's a tiny problem), I was told that my credit check had come back declined. Apparently, Experian (the company they use for referencing) has no record of my existence.

So - if I want to prove that I exist I have to send them a copy of

my passport
both parts of my driving license (currently its with the DVLA changing my address)
or birth certificate (which I believe my mum has somewhere)
and then two forms of identification linking me to my current address....
now, seeing as I've just moved into my new property, I don't *have* any recent utility bills, so I'm going to have to be a bit creative.

I can't really do anything till my driving license comes back from the DVLA, and their automated service isn't being particularly helpful for actually getting to speak to someone.
So - I'm basically stuck until I get back from holiday.
I'll probably send them a copy of my tenancy agreement, a statement from NatWest, the opening "welcome to BT" letter, a copy of my passport *and* a copy of my driving license just to make sure they know who I am. Then when they get that sorted, I'll be able to get my phone sorted.

Additionally, Intelligent Finance use Experian too, so I *have* to get it sorted before I can get my new bank account sorted too.
*shakes fist*

23rd Oct, 2006


Another weekend in Poole

So, yet another weekend down in the south.

The meteor shower prompted me to make the extra effort and head down to see my girlfriend this weekend, and I think its the first time when I've been down in poole and its been raining (well - significantly raining) for most of the weekend. Luckily it cleared up at all the right times, but it was still a bit touch-and-go at moments.
Spent time shopping in Bournemouth, did some clubbing at Sound Circus, and spent most of Sunday trying to warm myself from the night out watching the stars.

All in all, a very enjoyable weekend, and I'm looking forward to my holiday starting next Friday :)

(Now... where am I going to get stuff to turn me into a zombie for the Halloween party from....hmm.....)

19th Oct, 2006



In other news, my good buddy craig sent me a message this morning just as I was leaving for work - which was cool as I haven't heard from him in a while.

Yay for cool friends. I'm now walking around with a grin on my face. (well - sitting, coughing and dying with a grin on my face)

I hate germy people

Raaaa - Im back coughing and spluttering today because some evil person has given me a cold. Last time it was one from dorset I picked up, but Im pretty convinced this one is from London, and more specifically from Nick in the office who was ill just a day or two ago. RAaaa.

I wish I was in bed.... with a real bed... wrapped up in a duvet... with hot chocolate, or lemsip.

18th Oct, 2006



Everybody needs good ones apparently, so I went round introducing myself to a few of them the other night
I feel like I've been dropped into a tacky BBC1 soap.....

A chap who looks like Shane Ritchie runs the local cornershop. However he speaks with a thick Mexican accent. He seems quite cool though, and likes to think he's funny. (he makes jokes about all kinds of things, and his assistant laughs at them....even when they aren't funny.... but hey - he seems nice).

Directly opposite me is Ashley and Katie. Very typical East End London girls.... in that when i saw them I thought "hmmm.... I bet they'll want me to get them pregnant so they can steal my life/money through child support forever.".... So I was nice / polite to them, but other than that I think I'll be cautious about those two. It wasn't anything particular they did, just the "hungry" look in their eyes, and their body language that made me think that. (no - they aren't that attractive guys, so don't come over for a quick/easy girl to hook up with)
Then there is the token black couple that I've met on my floor. Paula and Patrick. Very very friendly couple, but it takes them *ages* to answer the door. You can hear them standing on the other side going
"Shall I answer it for you?"
"No, Its my turn, I'll get it for you"
"no, I insist deary, please let me get it for you. It might be for me anyway"

etc etc.....

Now, I say Token black couple in the loosest sense. Its supposed to be a black neighbourhood, so I would expect to see a lot of them around, but thus far these two are the only people in the building I've seen who have coloured skin.

they were the only ones I've met from my floor sofar, but I have met a few other people in the building.

Gary - somewhere on the 3rd floor. Business man. Very friendly - gave me a bit of info on the layout of the flats as we hurried to the station in the morning. Reminds me of Skinner from the X-files (both in looks and the way he speaks).

John - Gave me a hand in with my stuff last night and was really friendly. Lives Somewhere on the 1st floor. I think he's gay - but he could be a designer. He talks very camply anyway.

All in all, an odd bunch - but they seem nice enough. There's no one I'm wary of thus-far (except perhaps the predatorial looks from the girls directly opposite me), so I expect its going to go quite well here.

Another cool thing

Sarah gave me a call last night while I was shaking my fist in the air at BT for not having my broadband done, which was cool. It was only half an hour, but it was just when i was feeling a little isolated from the world - so it put a smile on my face.

Yay for random co-incidences with good timing.

Moved in!

Well, I've moved in to my new property! Hurrah!
Been there just a few days, and as always there feels like there is so much to do, but it's all worth it. The view from my flat is pretty spectacular, and I woke up yesterday morning with my head in the clouds! (literally. There was a fog-bank around my building).

I've got the landline sorted, just placed order for new mobile, and broadband is on the way (BT say 25th, but I'm hoping a lot sooner)- so I'm gradually knocking things off my to-do list. I'm still miles from being fully unpacked, and I really want to give the flat a good clean at some point (well - hoover at least, if not shampoo the carpets).
Its quite tough at the moment.... as I don't have internet access, and Jade's phone is broken I'm feeling quite isolated from her at the moment. I'm sticking around in the office to get what little extra time I can with her before heading home to unpack, but I'm really looking forward to seeing her and watching the meteor shower with her this weekend.

So far I have the kitchen fully unpacked, put away, washed down, and ready for use. Hurrah! I can come home and cook amazing meals for myself when I've had a hard day at the office. Next up should be the bathroom (when i get my hoover home - tonight I expect). I'm already in love with the shower - its a godsend after the last place, and definitely somewhere I can see myself spending a lot of time.

Oooh, ooh, and also I haven't had the heating on yet - and don't consider the flat to be "cold"....so I could end up saving money on the electricity depending on how cold it ends up getting in the winter.
I'm sure I'll add other things as I think of them - but if anyone wants me address / phone number - please email me alex dot sweetman at gmail dot com.

13th Oct, 2006


Damn playing Clubbing Top-Trumps with Greg.

[Me] Hey Greg - I'm going to the villa tomorrow night... Its going to be soooo cool  \m/  . Do you have any plans?
[Greg] I'm going to see Lacuna Coil *tonight*. Yes - I'm on the guest list. And its going to be waaaay cooler.
[Me] .... >:(

11th Oct, 2006


And the heavens opened!

Woah, talk about timing. Just as I finished the last of the cleaning, and picked up the very last bits I had in the flat (Spade and Broom of all things) - the heavens opened and the most torrential downpour I've seen in a while happened.

I've now handed the keys in, cleaned the flat, and left my contact details....so all I need to do now is wait for my deposit to come back (tyvm.) and I can forget about that place

Oh....how strange it feels to be homeless.

on a plus side, with all my stuff in the office it was easy to change into clean dry clothes when i got back to the office....I'm now sat here with my towel around my neck, gently drying myself and trying to keep my hair looking good.
(aren't I vain?)

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