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Dear God its all going wrong!

Remakes are rarely as good as the original

I just found out today, that one of my favourite songs growing up has been redone recently.
Stan Bush performed "The Touch" for the original animated Transformers movie - and I loved it. As well as being a really awesome song, I've always found it inspiring, uplifting, and bonus points that it's in my vocal range.
So, today I get told that the new Transformers film (Revenge of the Fallen) has Stan Bush on the soundtrack, with a remade version of "The Touch" as Sam's theme. Like an excited kid, I plowed straight onto Youtube to look it up.

Never have I been more disappointed than I am right now with a music artist.
The first 38 seconds or so were good. The song starts off a lot more sombre and melodramatic than the previous version - but you know...modern times, fitting the film / scene / whatever, I could go with that.
Then the rap started....
Then when the rap was finished Stan Bush came in with the bit that's supposed to be iconic and recognisable in the song.... And changed it. Not in a good way, but so it's barely in his vocal range and sounds really really shit!
There was such potential for it to be brilliant - but its gone and buried itself before the first chorus finished.

My friend Iain asked if it had ruined the song for me. Well, no it hasn't as I still love the original - but now I think the artist is a retard rather than a genius.


Yeah, I definitely preferred the original, which is still on at least one of my playlists...

December 2009

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